Airbrushing The Quinjet

Ages ago, I did a quick bit of modelling on a plastic Avengers Quinjet, nothing fancy, I just added some wheels. This was mainly to be some scenery at a space port or something. I put off painting it for ages as I decided to wait until I got a new airbrush and use it as another test piece. The top was okay, in fact I was quite pleasd with the cammo effect I managed, but I did get some nasty splatter on the underneath. I also decided I did not like the blue very much. I can fix that…

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Adventures In Airbrushing

After many year of thinking about and wondering if the investment would be worth it, I have finally purchased a compressor to see what I can do with it. I sprayed a few bit of paper and then decided to have a go at undercoating something I was not going to be worried about if it all went horribly wrong. So to start with I picked on a fair sized lump of plastic with the intention of just undercoating it in Vallejo Air Gun Metal. I selected my Mantic Tunneller as it does not need to have a clean finish. Once I got started, I realised that spraying Gun Metal onto a grey model means it is quite difficult to see where the paint is actually going… I then did a few bits black, which it means it is much easier to see where the paint is going… First results were okay, I will have to get more practice in. I picked out the detail by hand and finished off with a bit of drybrushing.

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Where To Start With Airbrushing: Part Two

Acquiring an airbrush has changed my hobby life for the better. I'm here to inform you and convince you to stop sitting on the face and grab one. Else, if you linger, you'll end up wondering how you ever survived without one just as I did. [...] The post Where To Start With Airbrushing: Part Two appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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