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Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition Review

“Here. Review this,” said Tony. He threw Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition at me. I caught it and went home to start my review. This new edition of Mage Knight contains painted minis, three expansions, and some new cards. Note: I cannot waste words when there is too much else to talk about. There is no […]

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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Review

Who is the most iconic hero in all of comicdom? Clearly, it’s Batman (don’t @ me). The caped crusader has been thwarting villains’ dastardly schemes since 1939 and has long been a staple of my comic book reading. Yet despite Batman conquering comics, movies, and video games, he has yet to make his mark (positively […]

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Too Many Bones: Undertow Review

“Here. Review this,” said Tony, who absent mindedly tossed me the topic of my review, Too Many Bones: Undertow, so he could return to alphabetizing his extensive Care Bears collection. I enjoyed Too Many Bones, so I could not deny Tony’s demand. In fact, I was excited to dive into this game, wondering if it […]

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