Another sunny day.

Hello again.It's a beautiful sunny day in Inso's World today... even if it is quite chilly.The last fortnight has pretty much been all about work, lack of sleep and a little bit of hobby here and there... but as of yesterday, I am not only on a week off work but have also acquired a head-cold so this post is going to be a bit random.Work. As I have mentioned before, I now work as a health care assistant (HCA) in a relatively high dependency, Dementia care home. As much as I love working there, there are times when it can be challenging because some of the residents have quite complex issues/needs. There is also the constant threat of residents passing away... another part of the job that can be challenging to deal with. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a death, a fall (resulting in a leg injury), some very challenging behaviour and a couple of new residents who are going through a settling in period. There has also been a decline in some of the resident's health. As a result, I have had a lot of

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Happy Camper.

Hello again. Welcome.This week has been pretty much the same as most others. I have been working hard, getting a few charity bits and bobs sorted, doing the odd chore and getting some hobby time in as well.At work, I am starting to feel like I have properly settled in and am relaxing a bit. My work-mates are including me in more conversation and have realised that I am in for the long haul. I still think that I have found my calling and am really happy to have been given the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful people in such a challenging, yet hugely rewarding, career. It is most certainly a 'job' that has got me smiling more than any other job ever has. That said, I think that the timing was important... I could not have worked in Dementia Care five years ago. I don't think I could have coped because I was less patient and quick to get annoyed. Now, I am being praised for my calmness and patience!Anyway... enough of me gushing about work... Let's talk about some hobby stuff. First up, I managed to g

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The Colonel.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.I've had a bit of a day (work and a sleep on the sofa) so this post is a bit late and has taken me ages to write because of all the corrections...So. This week has mostly been about work, a few chores and a bit of hobby.My wife has finally got to a point where she is well enough to go to work and go out and about, as long as she takes it steady... so we have been shopping and out for a meal as well as having an evening at the pub so things are starting to get back to normal after her little illness (7 weeks isn't little...).Work has been good. I had my probation interview and they are keeping me on... so that is good news.Hobby wise, it has been a mixed week. I finished a sculpt but quickly flat-lined afterwards so no other sculpting got done (a mix of tiredness and the dread of sculpting in little batches were the issues)... but I did finish a sculpt so there was a positive aspect to the week's hobby. The sculpt in question is my Squat version of the Catachan hero 'Col

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