Ancient Greece

Men of Bronze

Men of Bronze is the latest set of rule from Osprey Wargames, and is aimed at battles set in Ancient Greece.To me, hoplite warfare seems to be tricky to convert to a game. The clash of phalanx upon phalanx can lead to some boring engagements, and games that focus on a broad sweep of ancient history naturally tend not to give this problem too much thought. Men of Bronze is one of two games that have been released very recently, Mortal Gods being the other, designed with this period in mind. Hopefully one of them, at least, will give us a good game for hoplite warfare. Overview - the book.Men of Bronze is a 64 page book. After a few pages covering ‘first principles’, ie what you need to play, basing, measuring, rounding etc, 4 pages are dedicated to a brief history of the warfare and soldiers involved.The core rules take up the next 17 pages or so, with a further 4 with advanced and special rules.The 13 unit types are then described, followed by 9 lines of battle, or army lists, and 7 sample armies.The boo

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