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Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.This week has been very similar to previous ones but with the addition of a head-cold... so things haven't gone as smoothly as they could.I'm keeping this post short because I have work in an hour or so... so I'll get straight onto hobby stuff.As I mentioned last week, I bought a box of "Avatars of War - Dwarf Seekers" and this week, I have been playing around with them to see what I can do. The idea behind getting them was to create a unit that will proxy for Electropriests (the ones with the gauntlets). I didn't want them to have the same style as the GW, human versions so I thought hammers were the way to go... and a more barbaric, 'forge' styled route was appropriate for my little army. Anvil Industry make some lovely little back-packs so I bought enough for the whole box of Seekers and have put together a couple of test models.Click the Pic!Click the Pic!I think that the simple approach is the way to go so I have left off any hoses or pipes at the moment, so I can

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Recenzja: Exo-Lord Fur Cloaks od ANVIL industry.Reviews: Exo-Lord Fur Cloaks from ANVIL industry.

Prezentowany poniżej zestaw był jedną z nagród ufundowanych przez firmę ANVIL industry, którą można było wygrać w turnieju Warheim FS.Zapraszam do lektury recenzji zestawu Exo-Lord Fur Cloaks wyprodukowanego przez ANVIL industry.Odlany z szarej żywicy zestaw płaszczy został zapakowany w woreczek strunowy. Nieliczne nadlewki i linie podziału formy nie powinny być trudne do usunięcia.Choć zestaw Exo-Lord Fur Cloaks dedykowany jest do modeli odzianych w pancerze wspomagane i noszących plecaki energetyczne, to z powodzeniem można założyć płaszcz na modele chronione zbrojami płytowymi.The set presented below is one of the prizes funded by the company ANVIL industry, which will be able to win a tournament Warheim FS.I invite you to read the reviews of set Exo-Lord Fur Cloaks manufactured by ANVIL industry.The set has been packed in a string bag, inside which found a cast resin in a gray resin. Few overlays and dividing lines of the

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