AOS Idoneth Deepkin

AOS Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulrender

I am coming for your soul! Yes, I finally completed by Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulrender in time for a local painting event, Megacon 2019. As you might have read in my earlier post, Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulrender was planned for the submission for Games Workshop Evershcosen competition. However as I was working on it, it sort of evolved into a diorama. I decided to shelf it and enter it for a local contest and the alternative choice for the Everchosen was Lotann. The inspiration behind Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulrender was from the Idoneth Deepkin fluff. I wanted to show a moment that Isharann Soulrender succeeded in capturing his victim and harvesting the soul. The base where Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulrender stands was build from blue foam. It is then covered over with milliput 2 part epoxy and sculpted to the desired design. The daemonette was converted from the Wrath and Rapture daemonette sprue. Isharann Soulrender’s talúnhook was converted with green stuff and wrapped around the daemone

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Post Game Workshop Everchosen Competition

Everchosen came and went pretty fast over the past weekend. Just some thoughts for the Everchosen competition though. My original plan was to paint the Age of Sigmar Idoneth Deepkin Soul Render. As I was constructing and painting it, it became more of a diorama than a single miniature entry. I wanted to enter the Everchosen category, though I knew the diorama would fit the open category. I decided to stay focus and on target to still do an entry for the everchosen. I managed to pick up Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers from the store and get it done in time. I submitted my entry at the official Game Workshop store, did not managed to get into any ranks. As for the Idoneth Deepkin Soul Render, I will take my time to complete it and experiment with it following the original idea I had for it. Stay tuned… What I did learn from this, is, the choice of miniature to choose for a competition matters a lot. I knew my choice was not a good one to create any impact impression, still I went ahead with the Idoneth

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Games Workshop Everchosen – Lotann Warden of the Soul Ledgers

Finally I managed to complete my Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers for the Games workshop Everchosen competition. Been an exciting and interesting experience. I will talk about the details in the next post. Meanwhile, here my entry for the Everchosen 2019, Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers. Description of the entry : With the ethersea rolling in, Lotann in his shinning bluish armour (see pict) and his silent soul screaming robe (see pict) stood on the moss and algae covered sacred ground (see pict) to enumerate his list of countless souls arrested from the relentless tide of battles. His Ochtar wiggled around him, dripping droplet of water (see pict) all over the moss and algae sacred ground, and readied its rusted blade and cudgel (see pict) to defend its master while he accounts for the souls harvested.

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