April 1st

Chuck Dogwood

It's a bit sketchy because it was posted on the Internet's holiday April 1st, a time when everything must be scrutinized more closely than a surgery to determine its veracity, but Privateer Press "spoiled" a look at Chuck Dogwood for Riot Quest.The only thing that makes it somewhat believable is that Riot Quest is, well, a riot in and of itself, so having a hobo druid featuring a hand puppet for a warbeast seems just about right for some of the "feel" of Riot Quest.My favorite part about the whole thing is how the hand puppet calls back humor to both Elan from the Order of the Stick and his puppet god, Banjo, as well as all the way back to the animated show The Tick when the Tick made his own sidestick out of a 2x4 and called it Happy Wooden Boy.Buuuuuuut looking at Chuck Dogwood...still not sure. :)

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