Ares Mothership

Painting My Martian Menace

The Martian Menace is a faction in Monsterpocalypse reminiscent of classic UFO saucer / War of the World designs. Circular or crescent ships, with a bit of classic sci-fi thrown in with servitor arms on their first monster release. When they were originally released as part of the Monsterpocalypse prepainted collectible miniatures game, they were silver painted over clear green plastic to better show off some glow/energy effects. Recently, one of the Wills from Privateer Press asked for feedback on what he should paint his all new Martian Menace, and my immediate response was to suggest classic War of the Worlds green ships with orange/red glow effects given that was the color I distinctly remember from the classic book cover or maybe a colorized version of the original film. When it came time to paint mine, however, I decided I wanted something decidedly different.First of all, I wanted to maintain some color similarities between my Destroyers. In the new Monsterpocalypse, three factions represent a sin

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