Weekly Chronicle 2019 #13 (AdeptiCon 2019 Recap)

Well, last week was a pretty good week for me especially with AdeptiCon 2019 and I was able to get another model completed ('Steeljaw') before we left for the event.Games played last week was really good too (obviously with a convention), I managed to play 8 games last week, which is not really that much, but I did not want to stress myself over the weekend.Here is just a quick recap of AdeptiCon 2019 for my son and I, you can go back for a little bit more detail here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4Wednesday: This was mainly just a travel day for us with badge check-in later in the evening.Thursday: Vendor Hall shopping followed by 2 games of Guild Ball in the Early Bird Open.Friday: This became an off day for me with a demo game of Aristeia! and a friendly game of Guild Ball vs Alex Botts.  I was originally signed up for X-Wing and I would have played in X-Wing if my son was also signed up, but this was his day to play Batman Miniatures Game.Saturday: This was 4 games of Guild Ball in the AdeptiCon Champion

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Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Day 3 3/29/2019

Friday was Day 3 for AdeptiCon and it did not go as scheduled for myself.  My son went downstairs early for his Batman Miniatures Game tournament and I was heading down an later and I was entered in the X-Wing System Open Qualifier.  At the last minute I decided to bail out on the event and continue to check out the vendor hall.I wanted to get in a demo game of Arestia! from Corvus Belli, so one of the founders of Corvus Belli, Carlos game taught me how to play the game.  This was the game I was eyeing before coming to AdeptiCon as a quick play game to have done within an hour.  I enjoyed the game a lot, so stay tuned next week for some posts about it.When I was done with the vendor hall for the morning, I decided to head upstairs for lunch and a quick break before heading back down with my Guild Ball stuff.  If someone was going to ask to play, I might as well get a game in.While watching my friend Josh play a friendly with his Fisherman's Guild, Alex Botts (World's #1 Player) asked

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