Armageddon Steel Legion

Armageddon Steel Legion, Necromundans, and an Imperial Fist

Clearing a few more things off the painting desk...Four Armageddon Steel LegionnairesThe missiles come from the Departmento Munitorum like that. The forge world that produces them paints them so for to easily identify which is which (nothing is more embarrassing, not to mention wasteful of the Emperor's precious munitions, than blowing up a single dude in the middle of a large quad with a Krak missile, or having a Frag missile ping off the side of a tank...), but with little concern the intricacies of tactical stealth considerations. Normally a team of veterans, such as these, would repaint them in theatre immediately after issue, but with the rapidly changing situation of this deployment, they didn't have time (or perhaps paint!) to do so between rearming and heading out on the next mission!The full squad of them. This would be a veteran squad - as it contains additional Special Weapons.Initially I just picked up one or two of these guys because I like the models. I thought I'd put together a mixed team of a

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