Warmaster – Empire Army Showcase – Part VI

Hello! With great pleasure I would like to present you the army of the Empire for Warmaster. Almost a thousand models, all in 10mm scale. It was a really interesting project that our painting team faced. It is also not our last word about the big armies… A quick reminder of what is in the army: Pikemen Halabardiers Crossbowmens Shooters Longswords Mage & Two Generals The Allied Ogre Unit Cavalry and a few additional heroes will appear in a separate entry. I invite you to see the photos, as well as check older posts in the Warmaster category Commission painting services – or Messenger.

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30k – White Scars Army

Hello! As announced in the previous post, I would like to present you with the White Scars Legion army. This is one of my older works, I finished it a few years ago. Somehow it happened that only now I managed to sort all of the more than 2200 unpublished photos. I will successively add them to this blog, with a short description. As you can see, the vast majority of the models shown are units dedicated to the Horus Heresy system, embedded ten thousand years before the 40k events. In the pictures you will find such units as: Outrider Bikes MKIC Deimos Pattern Rhino Legion Scimitar Pattern Jetbike Legion Javelin Attack Speeder Additionally, a handful of ordinary legionnaires. The army is characterized by a considerable use of battle damages, pigments and weathering effects. Thanks to them the monotony of white is broken. I invite you to see a modest gallery of photographs and see you in the following entries! Commission painting –

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Hobby Exhaustion: Causes and Solutions

It might sound like a rather quirky term; hobby exhaustion. It almost sounds a little absurd, I’d go as far to say. However, when you break down some of the ways you can find yourself stepping back from your brushes and miniatures, the symptoms are all too real. Some may call it a “funk” or a “wall”, but I find those terms to be ambiguous and obtuse respectfully. What I’ve found it to be categorically is a metaphorical fatigue. If you have hobby deadlines or fancy yourself a completionist then you’ll probably end up stewing angrily in these states; I know I have. Don’t worry, it can be overcome. The best way to approach this issue is analytically and with a positive outlook. So, let’s get started. Let’s begin by first identifying what hobby exhaustion is and how it becomes manifest. Typically, if you struggle to motivate yourself to sit at your hobby station this can be a clear sign. However, the biggest red flag is where simply thinking about start

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