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Army Displays: Armies on Parade

Adepticon was last weekend, and Privateer Press's Josh Colon posted about the Warmachine armies selected for Armies on Parade.Chris Dancocks's Grymkin army on display.There are very few army displays made for Warmachine armies. I have a few theories as to why. For one, there are no paint or appearance scores for a Warmachine army, and a lot of the people who have come up making displays have done so to improve their appearance scores.This is not a criticism of appearance scores. A nice display will enhance any given paint job. I think there's a formula for it somewhere. Basically painted models surrounded by painted terrain look better by x amount.Another part of the puzzle is that displays are not easy to transport. If there's generally no reason to transport a display then it's just easier to travel without them.Army displays also aren't as practical as carry trays. While some displays use drill presses to "slot" figures into the display, Warmachine armies can be in flux up until a tournament date. Pre-slot

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