40k – Imperial Assassins

Hello! In today’s post I would like to present you a large pack of Assassins for the Warhammer 40,000. These are elite minis, posing a threat to all enemy commanders on the battle table. Full twelve of them is an absolutely unbridled manifestation of death and destruction As you can see, most of the models are on a heavily modified bases. To make them we used Woodland Scenics flocks and Paint Forge tufts. Below you can see a full gallery of photos from this project. Commission painting services – or Messenger.

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Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 17- Assassins and Soup

First episode of 2019! We start off as usual with hobby progress (to include some talk about the Lucius Pattern Drop Pod and Coastal Wargaming Group!) For our first segment, we heavily talk about the upcoming White Dwarf Assassin release and how we see them being employed by the savvy Imperial General. Our second segment we discuss what the difference between "Allies" and "Soup" is before closing off with some discussion of... a less than spectacular Forge World model.And apologies for the Audio Quality this time. We were in a rush.Listen/Subscribe on iTunes Listen/Subscribe on SpotifyListen/Subscribe on Google PlayListen/Subscribe on Stitcher 00:00 Intro01:52 Hobby Progress19:32 Imperial Assassins Release52:16 What is Soup?1:12:05 Bonus Forgeworld Review...Songs and SoundclipsBlue Mark- Atlan UrtagKaap mere- BugotakClip 1- Warhammer TVClip 2- Thor RagnarokClip 3- Code Ment

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