Cobbaton Combat Collection.

Sneaking away whilst the family did the usual beach and shops, I had a morning at the Cobbaton Combat Collection, well worth the visit if you happen to be in North Devon. First things first it is not a museum, more a collection that as the owner put it a “hobby that got out of hand”. Perhaps a warning to us all.To the untrained eye it can appear a little jumbled, dusty and unkept but if you know your history, military vehicles and weapons there is plenty to see. With a large collection of WW2 Allied vehicles and numerous cabinets of rifles and other memorabilia.Here's some of the highlights..Centuar Mk 1V with D Day Markings.Tucked away in the corner a T34 although how they got this down the Devonshire country lanes is beyond me.A Beaverette from 1941when you get close up it is very rough and ready, but it was afterall the stop gap after Dunkirk, you really would not fancy your chances against a Pz III. It got me thinking about dusting off my AVBCW collection.A T55 perfect inspiration for the North Korean pro

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"Just nipping down the call box" - AVBCW Scenario.

"Just nipping down the call box". - Words my kids will never say..... I must be getting old.A couple of pics from a recent British Civil War outing. Sometimes you can make scenarios over complicated. For me AVBCW lends itself to the simplest of games, besides its been a while since these figures have graced the table.Both the local revolutionaries and bobbies have on encountering each other decided reinforcements are needed and rush to capture the phone box and dial the switich board operator for more men, they can't destroy it as to do so would lose the support of the local townsfolk so must drive each other away from the objective.Yes there is still a working phone in this one.Members of the local working mens club rally round their standard and move on to the table, we were using Combat Zone again, the workers had more men and were better armed, but were green and untested.The Police were split into two fire teams were of average quality and were only armed with pistols and the occasional rifle. Their impr

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