House Dakka Moderators Squad

I've been adding letters to my Necromunda gangs to name the models after players I know or characters in Warmachine. So far I've made gangs for two local gaming groups and one for the female warcasters in Warmachine.This time around I named my House Van Saar gang after moderators on Dakka Dakka.Once I've sealed this I should probably also make an army profile for them and post them on the website.From left to right, top to bottom, it's something like this:Malfred - The less said about that moderator, the better.Clint - Our Australian moderator and war buggy fast builder extraordinaireJin - Moderator of ye olde swap shop. I didn't have a female mod to name, so of the names available, I went with Jin's (sorry bud!)Greydeath - (I think he's only called Grey to save on letters), artist and Battletech aficionadoYak - Sean Connery himself and also owner/creator of Maelstrom's Edge. He gets the shield because he's also been immune to flame attacks over the years.Lor - The only one who isn't a mod, Lor is named

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The Butcher4 - Orsus the Chained Preview

Previews drop like bombs and communities explode. This time Matt Wilson himself of Privateer Press shared an art concept advancing the story for one of the biggest characters in the Iron Kingdom, Orsus Zoktavir, aka The Butcher, and now everyone is speculating what he will do or what his final miniature will look like. If you don't follow Warmachine or Khador, the Butcher is one of the most brutal characters in the story of Warmachine. His original version is rather simple. Make himself and his army hit harder, even with their guns!, than anything has a right to do so. When his story advanced, he appeared to lose his mind even further and would kill friend and foe alike as he whirlwinded up the battlefield with his axe Lola in hand. In his third iteration, the Butcher made friends with a pair of dogs he brought onto the battlefield which seemed to turn him into a sharper, craftier individual...who would murder anyone who got in his way.Privateer Press even went so far as to make an alternate sculpt for t

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