Band of Heroes

My Lists for the Dice Dojo Steamroller March 9

We are hosting another dice dojo event at Chicagoland games this Saturday March 9. You can register for the event by submitting your lists at own lists are publicly posted in advance. Left side, the model cutoff from Kolgrima is the minimum Long Riders, and right hand side the model cutoff from Grim1 is the Hooch Hauler.The Grim1 list is fun. I've played a variation of it before at Lock and Load and it performed admirably. I've traded the two minimum raider units in exchange for a full unit with a sorcerer just in case I need the magical weapons. I lose two bodies and an extra activation, but I like having the utility.The other way to gain that utility back would be to switch the krielstone elder to the stone scribe elder, but I feel like trying things with the Sorcerer and see how that goes.I've played all of one game with this iteration.As far as Kolgrima is concerned, the list is very similar to a standard Madrak1 list, and I'm debating whether or not it's jus

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Game 3: Grim Angus vs. Lylyth Herald of Everblight

Francesc came by to try out some Champions, and his test list was an assassination list with Lylyth1 with the Children of the Dragon (a bunch of character warbeasts with ranged attacks to multiply the effort of her feat Field of Slaughter) and I tried out Grim Angus (since I already locked in Storm of the North with Kolgrima).I don't really give much thought to my deployment, but quickly realize that I'm in a bind. I'm a bit too comfortable with the Madrak1 loadout with Band of Heroes. I'm playing Grim Angus and can't move my dudes through my other dudes. It's a travesty and I waste a lot of time unpacking.Lylyth doesn't waste time. She goes to maximum range to target the Champions with a Witch Mark. Drops Parasite. Her army on feat kill as many of the bonded fighters as possible. A few Fennblades die.Zuriel on the other side of the church sees an opening and charges and kills a Fennblade. A shepherd has to run way out to support Zuriel, but there's no extra damage to be found and the Bomber is either too far

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