Banners by numbers - The tutorial no one asked for

Hi All,No rest for the wicked, so hobby time has had to take the back burner again this month. I did promise I'd share how I did my latest banner, so here goes.If you are like me and have lots of ideas but not the talent to execute them, making banners can be a frustrating task. As I was learning to use GIMP I realized that I was pretty good at cutting and pasting in the software and that I could build my banners from the elements that Games Workshop gave us to make banners in the Army books or White Dwarf Articles.So I picked a banner from the Undead Army book.You probably recognize this as one of the Skeleton banners presented in the Undead Army book p32I did a lot of this first in Photoshop, I couldn't get it to look right, so I returned to GIMP. Turns out it was the final stages printing it out that were the issue, not Photoshop. So the main thing I did was get rid of the design, I just wanted the banner shape. I made a copy of the banner then erased the design and then painted in white to get a blank can

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Blogging and Banners

Hi All,We seem to be at the time of year where I realize I've let things slip. It seems like usually in the hobby I get frustrated sometime around February or March and my productivity and posting go way down. This year appears to be no exception.In the OWAC I had to declare a Mulligan for March as I just hadn't quite gotten the figures for that month finished. They were close, but I kept on seeing glaring errors that I just couldn't ignore that were fiddly and things that kept me from calling the figures finished.I also just hit a mojo rut. I have a lot of varied things to paint but I just got stuck and stopped sitting at the painting desk. One of the things that is causing a mojo block is the banner for the Zombies. It's been awhile since I've made a banner one post is here. I did finish those banners and they are still on my Orcs. As you can see, I'm not a very good drawer, but I was fairly good at using GIMP to give me custom banners made from elements of the line drawings provided by GW.Fast forward

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Fall IN banners, courtesy of Joe

Joe Procopio, our host for most Second Saturday Scrummers, is a dab hand with graphics and composition. You may have seen some of his work supporting his Conan games from Historicon (and upcoming Fall IN). As a favor, he made banner ads for both of us for FALL IN. Joe has an eye for a nice graphical touch.  I’m going to post this on the right column preparatory to FALL-IN.

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