Barrage Review

Apparently, you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter; the experience where one is given a poor product and attempts to improve it with bling or add-ons. Whilst this slightly latrine-based phrase is all-too-common, I am yet to hear its antonym; the also common situation where you have a fantastic thing and by fair means or foul, gradually reduce its quality from mirror shine to greasy smear. A situation we find ourselves in here. Read more »

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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 69 - Ragusa, Barrage, Mournequest, and Pipeline

Welcome along to another analysis paralysis inducing chat with the boys from Polyhedron Collider, who are cruder than normal in celebration of episode 69 (dude). We analyse the latest tabletop gaming news, talking about the latest events in board games and pen and paper RPGS and then get into some deep and meaningful game chat.In this week’s episode we talk about Matchify, get in a very quick game of Ragusa and have a rather deep analysis of heavy euros Pipeline and Barrage. We then pop over to Ireland to save the world in Mournequest.Read more »

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Kickstarter Oktobar 30: Barrage, Cloudspire, Tidal Blades, Town Builder: Coevorden …

Pre nego što počne novembarska lavina Kickstarter kampanja kojima je prethodilo prezentovanje prototipa na upravo završenom Essen Spile 2018, red je da počistimo neke zaostale kampanje koje su vredne pomena. Druid City Games vodi kampanju za Tidal Blades dok Chip Theory Games prezentuje svoju MOBA stonu igru Cloudspire. […]

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