Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

Battle Report – Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Ep 01 ‘Deadly Infection’

I’ve crushed-out the next 19 models for Mission 2 of Batman: GCC and Owen and I each take a turn commanding the heroes to attempt to stop a deadly virus from being unleashed on Gotham by The Penguin and Doctor Death!

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Let’s Play! – Batman: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith

It’s time for another Let’s Play! This time, it’s Batman: Gotham City Chronicles from Monolith Games. This 2-4 player Dungeon Crawler set in and below the mean-streets of Gotham City pits a menu of dozens of Heroes in iconic battles against an equally huge array of Villains. This MASSIVE collection of over a hundred miniatures is available again as of today, along with a Wave 2 of expanded content. Check it out HERE:  

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On the Paint Table – Hellboy, Batman, Vanguard Marines and more! 293/886

  Check out all the things I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects, including an unboxing of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles!

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