Battle Cry

With a Rebel Yell 13

Confederate infantry advancing from Old Glory. The command stand was painted earlier this year. The other five bases were painted during the first 30 days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge or was it the second.The Old Glory figures have great character amd paint up well. There will be more of these sooner and later.Cheers for now.

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Back to the Brushes 245

Yesterday was the last day of the current 30 Days 30 Miniatures Painting Challenge; which earlier this week looked like it was not going to happen.A last push at the finish line made the following possible:First up are Confederates from Old Glory. These 15mm figures are animated and characterful; just what you need for charging the Union lines.Next, an old mid nineties skeleton from Citadel or Marauder Miniatures. A great figure to paint, perfect for finishing off a painting challenge.Completed this challenge:Day 30 - 34 figures completed.Cheers for now

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With a Rebel Yell 12

Painted in 2018 and finally based and ready for action in 2019 these casualty stands and command stand are from Friekorps and Old Glory's Blue Moon range.Needing to go back to using the main camera rather than the phone cam, however its a time thing and everything can be done on the device. Time can be daunting just now.Some what more daunting is the twenty odd stands of foot at the back of the painting desk. Will get there soon.Cheers for now.

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