Battle Mech

Mecha Momday: Glory to the Draconis Combine!

Jan Hewlett's force is growing, a few units infantry and tanks are still missing. He needs to print a few Myrmidons... :'sSorensons Sabres:Busosenshi Shakir Jerrar HBK-4G HunchbackBusosenshi Seyla Teresa Martinez PNT-9T PantherTai-i Daniel Sorenson HTM-27T Hatamoto-ChiBusosenshi Elden Berardinelli SDR-5K Spider

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Mecha Monday : Gepard Dropship

The Gepard is aalternative to the durable and deadly Leopard-class aerodyne dropship. Here reproduced in 1/285 (mech) scale and compatible with Battletech or any other 6mm science fiction wargame, this dropship requires minimal assembly and features an FDM printed body and separate turret printed in resin. This is version 2, which has been scaled up overall from 8.6″ first version, features taller doors (1.8″ tall, as opposed to the previous version’s 1.45″ doors), includes removable (magnetic) landing gear and separated wingtips and thrusters for better printing. An Atlas woould still bump it’s head on the way out the doors, but this is a scrappy merc’s dropship, not some luxurious Fortress!Gepard Dropship

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Mecha Monday by Spaceman Spiff

Fine work by Spaceman Spiff and the Planet of PaintThe big mech is the star here- a Bullshark mech from Strato Minis. This beast is a 15mm mini, but it can fit nicely with my 10-12mm stuff.@SpacemanSpiffandthePlanetOfPaintNow for the crab. This one came out of the Form2 in several separate parts. The legs, body, turret, and cannon were all separate parts. There was a commander's MG and a stowage cage for the rear of the turret, but the cage was too fragile and I didn't feel like adding the MG.

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