Core Space Battle Report – The Spiral Arm Campaign: Mission 1

The Spiral Arm Campaign is 10 linked missions charting the terrible events of the Galactic Purge and their incursion from Core Space. Mission One sees the crews take advantage of the Chaos to find some work.  

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Let’s Play! – Core Space by Battlesystems

Core Space is a 2-4 player Sci-Fi adventure game pitting Crews of hardy traders against each other and the endless threat of The Purge, an alien race whose machine soldiers destroy all life. Making use of Battlesystems great clip-together terrain sets this boxed set is packed with everythign you need to play the game. Check it out HERE:

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Core Space Day

Last weekend Battlesystems held an open day for their kickstarter game, Core Space at Board in Brum. After a bit of debating, I went along to give it a try, fully expecting to only get a chance for one or two turns. In the end, I managed to join a 4 crew game and experience the whole glorious thing, end to end.Core Space feels like Firefly with robots instead of Reavers. Each player commands 3 crew members of separate "trader" crews. Each crew enters from their ship and has to compete for the goal, while fending off ever growing numbers of robots, patrolling police enforcers and the occasional civilian. The photos below are all on the game boards using 3d prints of the figures; the production ones have even more detail. Our game was quite tense all the way through. It started off with a nice simple objective of collecting two pieces of McGuffin to release the lockdown on all the ships and we could have just found two between the 4 crews, but once they had been gathered... things went sideways.By this point we

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