Beat to Quarters

KublaCon 2019 Convention Report

Another KublaCon has come and gone along with a weekend full of top notch miniature gaming.The Toulon Harbor crew ready for action!I continue to be impressed with the quality of miniature gamers that show up at KublaCon.  Across the board we had great players throughout all of our games - which as a GM makes running the games much easier.Here's is what we ran:Battle of Roncevaux Pass - This is a scenario Roy Scaife put together.  28mm Napoleonic game with British, Spanish and Portuguese fighting against the French.Battle for the Forest Moon of Endor - 32mm Star Wars Bolt Action (Legion).  Dan Kerrick brought this battle to life.  Rebels have landed on the forest moon of Endor to bring down the shield generator that is protecting the orbiting Death Star.Charge of the Haradrim - 28mm Lord of the Rings SBG.  I expanded scenario covering the Mûmaks charging against the Rohan forces just after they've run through the ranks of Orcs laying siege to Minas Tirith.  I add more Riders of Ro

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Toulon Harbour - Breaking the Siege

Here is the scenario for Toulon Harbour along with some progress updates and our preparations for the game.This is a fictional scenario that is marginally based on the Siege of Toulon (29 August - 19 December 1793).  The British control the harbour of Toulon and the Tour Royale fort.  Napoleon has control of the two other forts in the harbour (Fort de l'Eguillette and Fort Balaguier).A combined French/Spanish fleet are attempting to retake the port and force the British out.  Historical note - yes, technically at the time of the siege the British and Spanish were allied - but this is a fictional scenario!Game Rules/Notes/InformationWe are using 1:300 scale Napoleonic ships for this game.  The hulls of the ships are from Old Glory's line (Masters of the Broadside Napoleonics).  The sails and masts are 3D printed sets (printed via Shapeways).  The bases/name tags are laser cut from Adam Clark.  No gluing the ships to the bases - they have screw holes pre-cut so all ships are s

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Beat to Quarters Playtest Game

Hey everyone - actually I've been very busy with gaming stuff - just lacking the time to post.  KublaCon fast approaches and my games for Napoleonic naval and LOTR are coming together nicely.  I'll be posting the scenario for Toulon Harbour shortly, but in the mean time, I managed to get some ships on the table this past Saturday to test our Beat to Quarters v2.0 with Roy Scaife.I'm really happy with how the rules are coming along, if you are curious, you can download the rules and ship cards (for the ships at Trafalgar) from here:Rules: Cards: groups of pictures - the first using my SLR camera, the second using my phone.  Roy Scaife has the British fleet and is actively working through rigging.  I'm doing the French and Spanish fleets myself.  We've both been working away on the ships.  The game at Ku

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