Big Guns

Big Guns! - next test. Gig Guns! następny test.

I'm back from my holidays. Crete and Santorini are great places and if you never been there, it is highly recommended! Yesterday I had my first game after a break. I joined Michael's another test game for his Big Guns! This time he tested mechanism for the bigger games. Jestem z powrotem z moich wakacji, Kreta i Santorini to wspaniałe miejsca i jeśli jeszcze tam nie byliście, bardzo je polecam! Wczoraj miałem też pierwszą grę po przerwie. dołączyłem do testów Michaela jego Big Guns! Tym razem zdecydował się przetestować mechanizmy dla większych gier.SCENARIO/SCENARIUSZ: Michael SchneiderUMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Michael SchneiderSCENERY/SCENERIA: SESWCFIGURES & MODELS/FIGURKI I MODELE: Michael Schneider1. Forces. Siły.Both navies had: 4 x dreadnought, 4 x battlecruisers, 4 x pre-dreadnoughts, 1 x submarine. Michael and Alasdair played for Royal Navy whereas Peter with me for the Kaiserliche Marine.Obie floty posiadały: 4 x drednoty, 4 x krążowniki liniowe, 4 x

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Big Guns!

Last Thursday Michael brings to our club his new rules for the naval battles. He called it Big Guns! We all love play naval battles with big ships, especially those from the first half of the 20th century. Sadly all rules known by us are mostly overcomplicated, especially with a lot of paperwork, tables etc. It is not good for the club game, especially when it comes to the end of that (especially when your club shares the roof with a pub ;). So we needed something simple and quick. Michael reduced the ships factors to the 4 elements: hull strength, speed, command and gunpower. Depends on the navy, type of the ship those factors would vary. He also introduced the rules for submarines, which are some kind of novum for the games played by me (I don't remember if I ever played with submarines on the table). Michael idea was: until the submarine stays on the surface it behave as other ships, but as soon it goes underwater, we have to mark its movement on the pice of paper. It is very simple: we mark the direc

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