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The penultimate day of this 30 days 30 miniatures painting challenge sees three more Mamluks ready for basing.The figures are from Black Hat Miniatures formerly Gladiator Miniatures range of Mamluks. Easy figures to paint with enough detail to cause interest yet not too much to over load the miniature at this scale.Day 29Figures completed 28There will be a final completed stand of cavalry for tomorrow's deadline and a picture of everything completed in this challenge. Cheers for now

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The last few days have been full on with real life commitments; travel to and from a family funeral, work and family. As a result of this by day 11 there is only work in progress to report.The figures are Ghulams from Black Hat Miniatures and are painting up well with not too much detail and yet enough to convey what is necessary.Hoping to complete all nine shown including riders for the half way point.There has also been some more time spent on the Christian Spanish although these are not shown here.Cheers for now.

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