Black Templars

Post Adepticon Breakdown Part Two: Assault on Kings Landing, Space Hulk and Star Wars Legion

Back with my continues coverage of Adepticon 2019.Check out part 1 here where I talk about my first impressions of A Song of Ice and Fire game, Horus Heresy Knight Fight, and the Kings of War Big Battle.I skipped my first game to sleep and paint that day. It was an ASoIF even, but only cost me $5, and I made the better decision considering how late I stayed up to finish for the 40k team event the next day.I did make it to my second game, which was ASoIF Assault on Kings Landing. What made this game extra fun was it was ran by the game's designer. He had a really cool mission put together where the 8 players (mostly Starks and Boltons) fought his Lannister Army. I was that little green blob of Wildlings led by Tomund Giantsbane. Not the most accurate thing, but awesome of him to let my do that when asked who my favourite character was when he realized he didn't have enough units set up for us. He also had a constant narrative progression happening. AND BRIBES. He'd bribe up with free models to do certain actio

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Black Templars vs Astra Militarum – 1,500 Points

I have got a new battle report today for you! It’s 1,500 of Astra Militarum taking on the Black Templars – who I’ve never played before. The battle was at Boards & Swords and we used the Urban Jungle Scenery from Go To Ground Wargaming. This battlefield is using 2 Large Sets – Go to Ground currently has 25% off on small sets if you wanted to get started. My little bit of research told me they would possibly be melee focussed because of their ability to re-roll failed charges. But other than that I just expected Marines. Never miss an […] The post Black Templars vs Astra Militarum – 1,500 Points appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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