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Battle of the Bulge -rules of Engagement style

A ROE scenario based in the Ardennes was played last night at the club , a vicious little battle using the Hold the Line Scenrio ,the US troops managed to stay hidden which meant the Germans had to advance almost to my lines before they could engage us , lots of firing then took place my medic performed some sterling work and my LMG made mincemeat of a Brave german unit which made a dash for my HQ . The Germans looked the likely winners until a round of bad saving rolls took them to their breakpoint when victory was in their grasp ,another cracking game ,my next army to get out and complete will be my late war US Airborne  "Currahee"...   Figures as usual a mix of warlord and artizan ,panther is a corgi die cast and trucks from any scale mat by UrbanmatzThe baattlefield from the US perspectiveThe Germans advance and a us off table artillery shell lands The US HQ group and a LMG come out of hiding A panther creeps into view to be annoyed but not damaged by abrave Bazooka team The US st

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The first bits and peices of 2019

A busy day painting , building and basing on the 1st day of the year gave me a  nice amount of wargaming goodness for at game at the club tonight ,again rules of engagement but this time the snow covered fields of Europe and the U.S infantry fighting those evil Nazis trying a sneak attack .Thought a Battle of the Bulge type scenario would be fun as at this time of year we always promise to take part in the battle of the belly bulge .My main infantry section was shown in my last post but much to my surprise (and hopefully my opponents ) I managed to build and paint 2 American vehicles a M10 and M8 ,I did both in a winter whitewash finish which I am quite chuffed with as its my first attempt at such a finish , the models were ok to build especially the M8 which was italeri it only took 30 mins to build, the M10 is warlord and as usual came with no instructions so had to trawl the internet to find some . I have also built and based a few plastic ruins from warlord games ,put them on pretty non descript base

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Pirates of Treasure Island

In August this year, there was a kickstarter campaign for releasing a range of 28mm pirates of Treasure Island. I'm not only going to say that these are really nice miniatures. But I have also been waiting for almost ten years for them to be released.Mr. O'Brien from the Pirates of Treasure Island rangeIt was back in December 2008 when I first blogged about this range of pirates. At the time, Legends of the High Seas was slowing growing to become my skirmish game of choice after having played Mordheim for many many years. Wargames Foundry and Black Scorpion Miniatures were the pirate manufacturers of the time.Through a Polish forum I got to know sculptor Flis Wojtek, who had been working for Black Tree Design and Warlord Games. He had shared photos of greens of a lot of characterful pirate miniatures that were supposed to be released through Black Hat Miniatures. However, that never happened, until ...The full range of the Pirates of Treasure Islandvia the Black Spot pledge (source)Kickstarter

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