Black Tree Designs

End Of The Week - And I Am Reasonably Please (35)

This week I am more than happy with my painting performance. Thirty five figures done and dusted so I am quite content. Admittedly the majority were relatively simple and most were on the small side but a fair amount of work has gone into them so I am not counting them as a half figure.I have a figure that I used as a black elf leader but when I saw these I thought they would do what I wanted. A king queen and a couple of palace guards. The touch of purple is possibly too much but I thought it gave them a nice imperial feel.Every king and queen need a few hench elves. I am not sure about the pointy hats. I did think about doing a christmas game featuring black elves so maybe it will work.Three more of the black tree designs high elves painted as black elves. I have already done a set of these last year but a few more can't hurt. This is not really a black elf but a mage from thr Frostgrave Nickstarter. I could think of no really useful purpose for him before but he seems to fit with the bad guys.I have d

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Some more Bolt Action GIs

Hello again,This time it's just quick update about last preparations to coming edition of Road to Berlin: Bolt Action two days long gaming on march 30-31!Last year it was just big success:that event was just friggin awesome! I was taking as much pics as I could between giving orders to my trusty US army and rolling dices - definitely worthy visiting.This year armies are 1200 pts strong so to fulfill the requirements I had to paint few more infantrymen and one more transport: Dodge 3/4 (a.k.a. Beep).For uniforms I used olive combo, working really fine on US models.New thing was using pigment binder - which turned out weird:see that white spot on the bases with leaves? That white stuff revealed like day after models were sealed with matt varnish.I think the reason was varnish was applied before binder was totally dry, but it's just a thought: haven't used dedicated pigment binder ever before.Still like the team - they all look really good together with rest of my infantry:As for the Dodge 3/4 painting was

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Kradschutzen Squad

More items from the dead lead pile all finished up.  This time we have a German Kradschutzen squad for Bolt Action.  I bought these figures at least 12 years ago and they were in the same box as the cavalry figures I finished the other day.  Don't ask me why it took so long to finish these, I really have no idea.  The figures are from Black Tree Designs, which I guess has been renamed again.  They are pretty good game models.  I am really looking forward to trying these on the table.

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