Release of Danish battalion packs

 Regiment Prinds Georg or JorgenRegiment Jyske or JutlandOur Danish figures have proved quietly popular. Like the Danes themselves, they have gotten on with it without too much fuss. For wargamers with a practical approach the Danish army during the period 1675-1720 is a great choice. It was almost continuously at war. It can fight in theatres from Ireland Hungary. It can take the field for its King or take the field as a mercenary/subsidy contingent for England, Holland or Austria.Its regiments were well dressed and equipped, professionally led, possessed an enviable reputation amongst peers and fought in most of the major battles of the War in Ireland, Flanders campaigns and the Danube campaign. During the Great Northern War it had two phases the rather spectacularly unsuccessful 1700 phase and the more credible 1710> phase.It fought Hungarian rebels during the WSS period as well as the French. The distinctive double breasted coat and tricorne with cockade makes Danish units stand out on the table.T

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Marlborough's Danes

Yes, I know. How could Warfare have produced such an important component of the armies of the period without me getting my act together and at least letting everyone see what they look like in battalions?An unforgivable omission but as always I will trot out my 'one man team' excuse. Well, that and Ottomans, Wagonburgs, wee ships, Cossacks and the like.Anyway at last I have some units of Danes to show as I imagined them when first commissioned as sculpts. Smart uniforms, martial air, nice colour combinations - the Danes are one of those wargaming contingents which ticks every box - ubiquitous over an extended period, manageable in size, all arms present, nice uniforms and flags, a considerable amount of glory, some controversy and as I have said before.. the ain't nothing like a Dane!My main interest in the Danish contingent started with their involvement in Ireland. A reputation for professionalism and experience saw them used in the front line and frequently. Off the top of my head The Boyne, Limerick, rapp

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