A care package, eye moisture and I'm coming back........again!

Ray has been nagging me about my blogging output this year and I was bitching about him not sending my goddaughters Christmas present from last year, so slackbladder says that he would be at the other Partizan and did I want anything, I initially ( after initial paralysis) said a couple of MDF bases and some basing material if he was feeling flush ( if you knew the old Ray this was funny).Then a couple of days ago this arrived, a little battered and bruised.........The top box contained the unpainted 28mm Trelawney's  Dumbarton's Regiment of Foot 1685 and after noticing the little hole I'm hoping the whole amount he sent too!Speechless........The air was quite dusty that day and some random air blown grit caused some moisture to accumulate in my ocular region, now a lot of you fellow bloggers and people who have met Ray have said what a bollox he is but finally he is a good sweet caring bollox!Cheers Ray!Now back to blogging (feeling a lot better) I continue with my 15mm modern and sci-fi work when

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Blogging Mojo

My blogging mojo seems to be back. Last year I posted almost every day and on average just a little over once per day. This year started with an ambitious plan which has been a little less auspicious. I am starting to see a bit of a turn around and I s...

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