Blood Eagle

How to build a winter wargaming table

In this tutorial, you will learn, how to build a winter wargaming table. The table will be lightweight and easy to store. To make it even handier, the whole table will be foldable! A few months ago we held our Blood Eagle participation game at a local convention. This was the perfect opportunity for me, to build a new gaming table. I quickly made a list and visited the local hardware store. So let’s build a winter wargaming table! In the first step, you have to cut the foam core to the proper size. In my case, the table should be 3″ x 3″. I used my hotwire cutter for the job, but a sharp knife will work too. In the following step, you have to mark the exact places for your hinges. But you can’t simply place your hinges. You have to sink them. Otherwise, the table will not be plain. And nothing is more annoying than a wobbling gaming table! To sink the hinges, simply cut the foam board until the hinges disappear smoothly as shown in the picture below.   After that, mark the places where

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