BMG: League of Assassins

BMG: Ra's Al Ghul (Rebirth)

Wrapping up the League of Assassins with this post ('Goliath' still need sto be completed at a later date) is their main Leader and founder of the League, 'Ras Al Ghul' (Rebirth), along with his Objective, the 'Lazarus Pit'.It feels great to have all of the League fully painted and it gives me plenty of options to build different crews.  As of now, the League of Assassins will be my main crew until I can get some of my Joker crew models completed and then I will be switching between the two. Ra's Al GhulRa's Al GhulPainting Points: 3

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BMG: Goro

Today will be another day of Henchman for my League of Assassins for Batman Miniature Game.  There have been a lot models I have been working on for LoA, as you can tell yesterday I posted 4 Henchman from the LoA Bat-Box.  Today's Henchman come from the 'Ras AL Ghul' starter crew, and the first model up is 'Goro'. GoroGoroPainting Points: 2

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BMG: Hasssasin 1

I have been very busy lately with my League of Assassins for Batman Miniature Game, and it is now time to start posting what I have been working on.  There have been a lot of models worked on for this crew, and I thought I could get away with doubling/tripling up daily posts, but it looks like today will be a 4 post day.First we will start off with the Henchman for the Crew, and up first is Hasssasin 1 (of 4).  I elected for a slightly different paint scheme (blacks instead of tans) so they would go along better with the rest of my Henchman.Hasssasin 1Painting Points: 1

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