Bolt Action Second Edition

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week release round-up...-------------------------Ending Monday!Last Few Remaining!Last weekend for FREE standard shipping (with orders over £20/$25) and the Wargames Illustrated 5 for £5/$8 offer (Watch Out for the December issue as it comes with either 2 plastic Vosper MTBs or E-boats)!The Battle of France is here - it is now available to order! Alongside that, the French army has mobilised, their new units will hit the battlefield soon! Secure the front line with the new Maison Forte set from Sarissa Precision!Plus, expand your book collection with 5 new authoritative Osprey books for your WW2 battles in France. Then prepare for Cruel Seas with a further 6 Osprey books dedicated to MTB action, up for pre-order...Bolt Action - Battle of France Campaign Book:Standing tall as one of the strongest nations at the time, the French empire finds itself defending its own soil against the German Blitzkrieg. Join the fight with our new Bolt Action Campaign – Battle of France!The enemy is at our do

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Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week release and feature round-up...---------------------Ends Monday 5th NovemberWhat a week we've had! Cruel Seas pre-orders are really stacking up in preparation for launch this December!We've got an introductory article for Cruel Seas, beginning a series highlighting the background and rules, along with the various fleets.In other news, the Battle of France rumbles ever closer, and we're taking an in-depth look at the campaign rules in the new book, along with the monstrous Char B1 Bis.Plus, we look at the unseen role that airpower played in the skies above the Battle of France.Winter arrives a little early with a look at Napoleon's campaign in Russia. Thanks for reading, Tom M!Cruel Seas: An introduction to Small Ship ActionBeginning a series on our brand new release, we take a look at Cruel Seas with a brief historical primer on small scale naval warfare in WW2!Torpedoes off the Starboard Bow! »Starter Set:Strike Fast, Strike Hard! »Gold Collection:Last Few! »Black Powder 2 Go

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