Bombshell miniatures

Kung Foo Panda

Todays entry is small and is just a little bit of whimsey. I came across this model last year and couldn't resist buying it, just for fun. The Panda is 19mm tall (including the hat) and is made by Bombshell Miniatures. I've not heard of them before but a quick look at their website shows an interesting and eclectic mix of fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk miniatures in various scales. The handful of points I'll get for this figure isn't going to rock my final score by any massive amount, but it was great fun to put together and paint.The blossom-covered tree I found in a local model shop and all it needed was some filler (and a dab of paint) to turn the wireframe into something better resembling a knarled wood trunk. I also knew I had some suitable bases I could probably use and sure enough, I found this one. Its resin but that's about all I can tell you. I have no idea when or where I bought it, I'm just glad that it has finally found a use.In order to fix the Panda to the base

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