Reaper Bones V, it's one hot potato.

Tomorrow Reaper Bones V drops its newest Kickstarter , I dropped the being a gaming industry gadfly a long long time ago and haven't posted any kind commentary in I dont know how long.Anyone who has read this blog more than a couple time since 2007!!! knows I am a long time supporter of Reaper Miniature- the company, in fact these days most of my miniatures either as gaming or display pieces are from Reaper.I was supporter on Bones 4 which just delivered in April of this year from my Wave 5 status due to certain pieces in my order being shipped late from the factory in China.  I didnt bother blogging about my hassles then but as time has gone on with another Bones KS dropping seemingly crazy soon after,  its worth pointing out some the issues I had and some of my observations.Reaper just finalized delivery of Bones 4 this summer to the final Australian  markets.  Now barely 3 months later moving to Bones 5 seemingly finalizes the move into Reaper Miniatures joining the existing slew of com

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