Building Robots (for World Domination)

Image (cc) Cameron DaigleI happened to chance upon the brilliant Twitter bot @doskvolscores and it prompted me to start thinking about bots and automation.I had been playing with some of the old automation stuff the blog was set up with long ago; it seems the feed aggregators are mostly gone, as RSS has gone out of fashion, but the feeds are still going strong. They're what power a lot of the links in the sidebar as well as the blogroll, so I started seeing what I could do with them.I found my very old Twitter account - and managed to remember enough to reset the password to gain access - to use for a bot, more on that below, and set up an experimental Facebook page.  IFTTT leverages many APIs (it seems) to pass data to social media, amongst many other things, so I'm testing whether this post makes it to them now!In the spirit of supporting the blogosphere I've also tried to get to pass random posts from the networks to Facebook and Twitter, with mixed success. It's easy enough to set up the

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