Brian Dugas

Behold, the Never to Be Released Whelp God

Brian Dugas, freelance artist/sculptor who does work for Privateer Press, Fantasy Flight, and Hasbro (and former senior sculptor at Wizkids) recently shared 3d Renders of a model that was never to be at Privateer Press.It is an uberwhelp, and he has said that it will probably never be made, so he wanted to show it off. Apparently this whelp would have been an Earthborn whelp with a signature rocky fist, a crossbreed with the Fantastic Four's Thing, or a miniature representation of Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet, Dhunia style. (Most likely it was the first thing, in case you were wondering).In getting his permission to repost the pictures here, Brian asked me to make it clear that the model isn't likely to be produced, and that the file will not be made available for printing. Oh to live in that world where such a thing could exist. This must be the worst timeline. Or maybe I was wrong. This is no earthborn. This is a character whelp, Mulg's Whelp or Wulg. According to Brian Dugas this artwork is by

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