Brigade Models

15mm Sci-Fi Villains, Scum and Characters from......

....a hive of different companies!As the sci-fi collection grows I have added alien characters for variety, scenery, objectives etc.....they are a mixture of Ion Age, Khurasan, Brigade Models and Critical Mass I believe?More to come and apologies for the poor quality of pictures and there is a scale picture of sorts!

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10mm Research Base Set from Brigade Models

The last of our new items for Tabletop Gaming Live are from our 10mm Sci-Fi buildings range. We’ve rescaled some more of our existing buildings, from the Research Base set, to this scale.The first three buildings to appear in 10mm are the Accommodation Block, Small Garage Block and Utility Shed.Assuming sales on these are OK, we’ll do the other models in the set later.Research Base SetBrigade Models

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