Bronze Gates Campaign

Battle at Bilton's Corner

Bronze Gates Necromunda Dominion Campaign - Game TwoOn Monday evening Keira and I got in our first game in our Necromunda Dominion Campaign.For a bit of info on the campaign background, the territories within the Bronze Gates and our starting gangs check out this post:The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)for an After Action Report of Game One (between Finnegan's Genestealer Cult and Amanda's Escher Gang) check out this post:Encounter a Fahr's PipeAs Bung's Hole had already been snapped up by The Crimson Wave, I challenged Keira's Pink Punchers for control of D52 - the region's Gambling Den...SCENARIOWe played a quick Tunnel Skirmish scenario, just as Amanda and Finnegan had in their game. As I was the challenger, the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my Clan Delaque gang) was the attacker and the Pink Punchers were the defenders. The battlefield was set-up accordingly and Keira began her deployment.THE GAMEKeira chose to set up her gang in one tile (defender had the option of setting up in one tile, o

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Encounter a Fahr's Pipe

Bronze Gates Necromunda Dominion Campaign - Game OneYou can find some background on the campaign and details of the gangs and territories here:The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)Sunday evening we started out Necromunda Dominion Campaign. I went through the territories and what they did for each gang and it was generally decided that the two territories that the Delaque gang got Enhanced Boons from were far too powerful to fall into my hands and so Finnegan's Genestealer Cult challenged Amanda's Escher for control of Bung's Hole, the Drinking Hole territory... The two gangs clashed at Fahr's Pipe, just outside Bung's Hole. Both were on their way to Bung's to "offer" him some "protection" forces establishment. Neither was willing to step aside and let the other gang take control...SCENARIORather than rolling we decided we should just play the Zone Mortalis Scenario 1: Tunnel Skirmish. We figured it was would be a quick way to jumpstart the campaign and maybe get two games in...We played w

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The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)

As mentioned in my Fall Plans, I've arranged with the family to run a Necromunda Dominion Campaign this fall. We'll be starting this Sunday evening and it will probably run until mid December - about thirteen weeks. The suggested time for a Dominion campaign is seven weeks - three weeks for the Occupation Phase, a week off, followed by three weeks of the Takeover Phase. I've decided to extend the Occupation and Takeover Phases to six weeks each - so there's less pressure to get in lots of games. If everyone plays ONE GAME each week, we'll be good, and Sunday evenings have, in theory, been set aside to play Necromunda!The Bronze GatesThe Bronze Gates region of Necromunda was abandoned hundreds of years ago when a hivequake buried most of the access ways and the Mechanicus Overseers determined the rubble was too unstable to bother trying to shift. In recent years some of the blockage was shifted when subsequent hivequakes caused into to collapse into a lower region, clearing a single precipitous Bridgeway to ac

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