Broadside 2019 - Rejects go Red!

The sports hall filled up quickly and stayed busy most of the day; the company was friendly with wargame regulars rubbing shoulders with families who popped in having been to the pool next door; the club demo games covered a wide range of periods and were generally of a high calibre. This could describe every Broadside Wargames Show we have attended over the years and Sunday's event was equally good as any we have been too before. A small but very friendly show with great games and a good selection of traders.Posties Rejects have sort of adopted this as our 'local show' and put on a demo here every year. This time it was Ray's turn to devise a game and we were able to have two goes at his recreation of the Battle of Killiecrankie. Not only did we put on our annual demo game but this year saw us 'rebranded' with new Red polo shirts. Black seems to be the colour of preference for the majority of people attending these shows and we sort of merged into the background with our old black polo shirts. Now there is n

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Broadside Demo Game - Killiecrankie 1689

Once again we are fast approaching the Broadside Wargames Show in Sittingbourne. Posties Rejects have adopted this show as our 'local' and the one where we regularly run a display game. We've had a bit of success running demo's here and we're hoping to get an equally enthusiastic response with our game this year. Hats off to Ray who has organised everything, picking a battle to recreate and all the models needed. This year and we have had three playtest games to learn the rules (we are using the newest version of Beneath the Lillie Banners) and to discuss various aspects of the scenario. Ray has been tweaking the setup so we have a game that mirrors the historical events but allows enough freedom to give both sides a good game. Below are a couple of 'sneak peak' pictures from our test games. As usual we have tried to put on a demo game that reflects the best of what you would see at one of our regular games. 

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