15mm 4Ground Dutch Houses

Not being content with the 25mm version's of 4Ground's great looking Dutch Houses, again at Salute I purchased their 15mm versions of the same buildings.I'd like to say they were easier to put together than their 25mm conterparts, which they were, although they were a little more fiddly, but that's most probably due to my fat sausage fingers!I only bought five of the buildings because that's all they had left and I do already have loads of other makes to make a massisve town.You know I said they were fiddly? Well that's my skin stuck on the decorative brickwork on the building on the right!!Nothing that a brush of paint or ink will cover over of course.......whenever I get round to it????I've left the insides plain for the moment, I did toy with the idea of painting the inside white or grey, just to tone down the stark effect, when the roofs are on you don't really notice the insides so I will probably leave them as they are.As I bought 2 sets of buildings twice, (the blue and green buildings) I changed the c

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28mm 4Ground Dutch Houses

All's been very quiet painting wise at Cassa Rousell over the summer.I, believe it or not have stacks still to paint, but to be honest just couldn't be arsed. I do think the Painting Challenge does have a part to play here.Anyway, as painting was out of the question I thought I'd get some buildings made up.The 4 buildings are all from 4Grounds World at War series, but I'll be using them for the earlierDonnybrook period.I was quite impressed with them to be honest, they fitted together very well and took roughly 5 hours work to complete each one.This is Dutch House 1You buy it with only 1 floorBut I bought extension's for the buildings.3 Foundry figures for scaleDutch House 2This is my favourite buildingRear viewDutch House 2 as you buy it with just the 1 upper floorDutch House 3 & another Dutch House number 2I did have 1 slight problem, 2 of the packs didn't have enough roof tiles, I called the guys at 4Ground and explained my annoying problem.Three days later, I received a parcel in the post. c

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Book Review: Wargames Terrain & Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars by Tony Harwood

Tony Harwood has quite a reputation for building attractive wargames scenery so I was very keen to get hold of Pen & Sword Books The Napoleonic Wars, which appears to be the first in a series of books on constructing scenery and buildings for the wargames table.As expected, after a quick flick through the book, Tony has managed to produce a series of interesting buildings that could grace any wargames table. Although it is squarely aimed at the Napoleonic period, I feel that there is plenty here to interest gamers of other periods too as many of the buildings would suit earlier or later periods.A brief skim through will give you a right old treat for the eyes, and even that is enough to inspire terrain ideas.After giving it a thorough read through, I do have a few issues with the book. Firstly, I would like to point out that I am a professional model maker and have been for over 30 years (I have been running an architectural model making workshop at a school of architecture for the past 15 or so years). I

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