Caesarian Romans

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Work in progress on the Caesarian Romans from Gripping Beast.The block and wash method of painting is working well for these figures which are currently out of production with no immediate plans to re-release sadly. Will keep looking for a few more on evilBay and various forums.High lighting and shields next then on to basing. Might even have some finished figures to show soon.Cheers for now

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Steady progress on the first batch of Caesarian Romans from Gripping Beast.Pilums at the ready, the first troopers have only their shields to finish before varnishing. As previously mentioned these have been painted by blocking base colours and then washing with Army Painter Strong Tone wash. The bronze, flesh and tunic have then been highlighted with the base colour to lift key areas of the figures. Below, the first command figures prior to the final colours being blocked and the washed. The paints used for the are:Flesh: Foundry Flesh BTunic: Foundry Scarlet AArmour/metal: Citadel ChainmailBronze: Vallejo Old GoldLeather: Foundry Dark Flesh A or Foundry Buff Leather ALion head dresses: Foundry Rawhide BWeapon shafts: Foundry Spearshaft Brown BAnother eight are well on their way to being fully base coated in this style giving the project sone momentum. More work in progress to follow shortly. Cheers for now.

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In amongst painting the flesh tones on approximately 60 ancient Greek Hoplites and skirmishers found a spare twenty minutes to block and wash this Caesarian Roman from Gripping Beast.This is a test figure to see how it goes using this approach to paint a small force for ADLG. Small as there are only so many figures available in the lead pile and thankfully this will remain so as Gripping Beast have no immediate plans to re-release this range in the near future.A few things need changed and perhaps the use of dark tone on the armour to lift it more but other than that happy with the result.Once based with his fellow legionnairies, shielded and Little Big Man transfers who will notice the speed painting.Back to painting flesh tones this evening.Cheers for now.

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