Call of Cthulhu Wargaming

The Horror at Hedge House

The Secret Cellar of Hedge House - shut for 70 yearsThis past weekend, a group of friends met to finish a a Call of Cthulhu game that I had started some five years ago.  For various reasons (rusty referee, discompatible player characters, etc.) the first session failed to "gel" and so a reboot was conducted last month, with the concluding episode played last night.It was a basic "Haunted House" scenario, with the original owner disappearing some 70 years in the past, and a team of Investigators being dispatched from the local newspaper to do a story on the subsequent history of the house. That history includes violence, madness and murder.The action and setting of the story took place in early 1970's West Philadelphia, where the relics of grand old houses, now crumbling, can still be seen today.  One of my players ran the address through Mapquest and found a small factory is there today, so the house was probably demolished sometime after the players cleansed it.The scenario was taken and adapted fr

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28mm Tcho-Tcho Men

Some Tcho-Tcho men arrived by Royal Mail yesterday, from Black Cat Bases.The Tcho-Tchos are a race of cannibals, best described as nasty, brutish and short, driven from the Tsang plateau in Tibet to the dark fastnesses of Burma, at least according to various writers of the latter-day Lovecraft Circle. I'm planning on adding them to a 7TV 1st Ed./Witching Hour gang for an urban Pulp Horror game that's in the works.The first piccie is a group of hand-weapon-armed Tcho-Tchos, on a 1" grid. In 28mm scale, that puts them at about 4' tall, which is okay, but they should probably have a few minis that are smaller, since it is intimated that only the tallest Tcho-Tchos reach 4'.That aside, it's pretty neat that Black Cat Miniatures is offering them, considering from what obscure fringe these come. The hand weapons consist of baseball bats, long knives (look a bit like wakizashi), and a hammer - just the sort of equipment to suggest to nosy investigators that their questions are best asked elsewhere.28mm Tcho-Tcho Men

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