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First Game of Mad Maximilian 1934 with real humans

As you know if you read this blog from time to time, I’ve had kind of this thing about the Mad Maximilian 1934 game from Mana Press, car models produced by my old friend Nic Robson at Eureka Miniatures.  I like the time period, I like the technology being represented and I’ve enjoyed converting the vehicle models to use in the game as past posts might indicate.  Last Saturday was my first time running an actual of Mad Maximilian 1934 for a group of real players, namely the gaming group I play with, the Second Saturday Scrummers. I am signed up to run this game at Fall-IN this year, so I appreciated their kind forbearance and patience.  It was a learning experience.  Driver Al Einstein and the Red Masque machine! We had four players at start: Joe, John, Rich and Steve.  Since I have enough cars for a large squad, we ran two vehicles per player.  Every vehicle type was represented– Junkers, Jalopies, Motorcycles and Buggies.  Jared arrived late and I gave him a team of Pedestrian Ambush type

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