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Tybor the Builder Review

Big Hollywood movie producers love high-concept formulas. Tom Cruise opposite Cate Blanchett in a space sci-fi action drama. Big buck blockbuster bonanza! Make it so! Game publishers can be quite fond of formulae too. Tried and true mechanisms, plus an inoffensive theme, mixed with a well-known designer and artist, and you’ve got some mediocre sales […]

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Tides of Time iOS Review

Back in 2015, publisher Portal Games brought us the innovative card drafting game, Tides of Time. This two-player only game was a set collection game that roped you in with its stellar artwork. While I still much prefer its follow-up, Tides of Madness, I was nevertheless excited to see it coming to our tablets. Now […]

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CO₂: Second Chance Review

In our CO₂: Second Chance review, we take a look at a game from Vital Lacerda and Stronghold Games about controlling the planet's pollution levels. The post CO₂: Second Chance Review appeared first on Co-op Board Games.

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