Kickstarter Highlights - Company of Heroes, Shiver Me Timbers, Iron Clays & Spades, Icaion, Sensor Ghosts and Atlantis Miniatures

We all want Batman.  Of course we do.  It goes without saying.In fact, we all want to be Batman - just imagine how many games you could fit into the Batcave (not to mention always having a butler to play games with). Although you’d probably never make game night.  Anyway, Aside from the Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 campaign that will set you back just over £500 (for seasons 1 & 2 or as I like to think of it “half a thousand” - just to help remind myself that I can’t possibly spend that much money on a board game) there are a bunch of other fantastic looking games for your consideration.Pirates, war heroes, robots, fancy-pants poker chips and a desperate race through space are all offered up from our ramshackle panel of judges here at Collider Towers for your Kickstarter considerations.Read more »

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News Collider - Board Game News 17/4/2019 - Sanctum, Mensa Select Mind Games, Devil May Cry, Vampire The Masquerade Board Game, Scramble For Africa, Games Factory, God Of War

It's an odd collection of board game news this week, as we have the Mensa award making us all feel ever-so-clever for playing our favourite tabletop games but then a stupid decision regarding the flagrant brushing aside of historical genocide causes some unsurprising controversy.Don’t worry though there’s plenty of things to get excited by, from Demons to vampires and vikings to playing games in bed.  Not that kind of game you filthy animal.Read more »

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