Castles of Mad King Ludwig

August's Games

Friday, 2 August 2019On Friday our friend Laura joined us for a game of Nations.I played Greece, Amanda played China, Keira played Persia, Laura played Egypt, and Finnegan played Rome. Amanda totally crushed it, ending the game with 51 points. Laura wasn't far behind with 49 - which is pretty AMAZING, considering it was her first game!! The kids and I were all in the 30s and felt like total amateur chumps... aye-yi-yi!Saturday, 3 August 2019Another Dungeon Crawl Classics afternoon. It's been hard to get the WHOLE gang together through the summer, but EVERYONE showed up this week - AND they even had a NEW player! (Not to mention gender parity among the players!). She was a welcome addition to the group. AS they arrived at their first encounter the Boyz were getting out their weapons and warming up their dice ready for a fight and she said, very loudly; "Hey! Could we NOT just murder the first group of people we happen to meet along this road!?" Keira was very excited about this, as this is the w

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April Games

April games bring May... ?Wow... Where did April go!? It feels like it just FLEW by!!! Here are the games we played through the month...Monday, 1 April 2019We kicked off April with a game of Terraforming Mars. We played on the Elysium board.  I played Terractor, Amanda played the Mining Guild, Finnegan played Phobolog, and The Girl played Thorgate.This was a lower scoring game than some of our other recent games. Not sure why? Everyone rushing to Terraform the damned planet and grab as many Terraforming points as fast as possible…?Amanda took Ecologist and Tychoon milestones, I took first for Celebrity Award, Finnegan took second for Celebrity Award, and The Girl took Specialist Milestone - but only because she went before me that turn! Had I gone first that turn, we would have ended up tied for second one point behind Amanda. As it was The Girl won with 69 points, Amanda was second with 65, I had 59 and Finnegan had 44.Wednesday, 3 April 2019My friend Kurtis came over for supper and a game. I made some

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March Games

In March, we played a few games....Friday, 1 March 2019The first of March was a Friday, and therefore Family game night. As we hadn’t gotten to play a game on my birthday, I chose to play Terraforming Mars. This was our fifth play of it so far this year (half way to 10!). While I (and probably Amanda) are far from tiring of this game, I think the kids are… well… interested in playing other things…?This evening we played with the Hellas board. My stuff at the end of the game.Amanda Plante played Ecoline, I tried out Credicor, The Girl played the Tharsis Republic, and Finnegan played Inventrix. I felt like the game went crazy quick – like I was barely getting going… and it was all over!? I did managed to take the Rim Settler milestone and first for the Space Baron Award and tied for second in the Magnate Award. Amanda took the Tactician and Polar Explorer Milestones and first for both the Magnate and Cultivator awards. Finnegan came in second for the Space Baron, Magnate, and Cultivator awards.Amanda won with a

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