Starting Infinity with Haqqislam, or What I Should Have Done

Infinity is an awesome game. I love how dynamic it is and the minis are brilliant. I hate how overwhelming it is for new players, which stems from:Having many, many, special rules and equipment choices despite the elegance of the core rules.There are no bad unit choices, so it's hard to narrow things down.Starter boxes contain a good mix of units but these are not necessarily beginner friendly - Haqq box I am looking at you!When I started I bought as much Haqq as I could, mainly through bulk sales on FaceBook, and a few new pieces that I wanted because they were cool or because people on the internet recommended them.  Looking at my 7-800 points of unpainted Haqq and still having things I want, I can't help thinking that - especially as a casual player - I should have taken a different approach...Coming to Infinity - as any faction - I would recommend prioritising a usable and easy-to-learn 150pt force for playing Recon or Recon+ games.  Recon is a great format requiring minimal startup investment,

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