Cavalier 2019 Swag

I thought I'd share some pics of the swag I collected at Cavalier in Tonbridge a few weekends ago.Firstly 3 great books from Helion and Company.I've had my eye on Armies and Enemies of Louis XIV since it came out, I've already got a few books of Killicrankie, but NEEDED this one too, you know how it is??Finally the new book on the Dutch, its a bit too early for my period really but hey ho, another must, I'm afraid!!My usually visit to Col Bills and I came away with these  5 15mm MDF buildingsfrom 4Ground. The Col is discontinuing the range at the moment, so grab them while you can.Stuart mentioned he may not bring them to shows anymore, so pre-order if you need any!More goodies from Col Bill, on the left is a new pack of Limber horse riders, so I bought 2 more horses and something to pull, I'm sure I've already got the wagon, but you can't have too many wagons, can you???A bit blurry I know, but I needed a fix from Essex minis.More NYW!!!Loads of 15mm buildingSorry guys I can't remember the club name, bu

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Cavalier 2018 - Show Pictures at last!

Over the weekend I went to the Cavalier Wargames Show in Tonebridge in Kent. This is traditionally the first show of the year for the Rejects and usually marks the end of a long winter without any shows (SELWG is usually our last of the year). For me its been even longer as I missed SELWG last year due to car problems, so by the time Sunday came around I was very eager indeed! Its taken a couple of days to sort out the pictures, mainly because I have been working hard on my latest entries for the Painting Challenge. So here, at last, are my pictures of a great little show. Ray & Postie start early, buying some buildings before the show had even official openedDavid Lanchester photobombs me taking a picture of his standEagle Figures... I bought a load of MDF bases from them.Debris of War - Tufts, Static Grass and Hedgerows filled my bag after visiting these guysHailsham Wargames Club - Da Vinci Wars - A slight fantastical version of the Italian WarsLots of very impressive Pike BlocksMore Pik

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Cavalier 2019

Last Sunday was the Rejects first wargame show of the year. Only three of us made itPostie and myself met BigLee at the show and a fun day was had y all!!!Every year me and Lee take a photo of the main hall from the balcony and this year was nodifferent. We'd just stuffed our faces with a bacon roll and a cup of tea, then waddled out to take the pics.We all had a great time at the show and bumped into the usual bloggers,Clint, Dave, Bob and Al.Society of Ancients - Battle of ZamaWadhurst Roleplayers Club - Dungeons & DragonsThe Bring and BuyFire When Ready - Star Wars LegionTonbridge Wargames Club - Boxer Rebellion 1900In the corridor a club (sorry guys, I can't remember the name) we're sellingtheir founders collection of figures and buildings, sadly he's suffering from dementia.I bought a few buildings for my NYW armies, well a few more than a few.Maidstone Wargames Club - Corsair v Mustang 1969Milton Hundred Wargames Club - Lion Rampant For God & King 1380 Me and Postie had a great chat wi

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