15mm Savage Northmen Cavalry........

.....from the north and Copplestone Castings!Lots painted but blogging is becoming a little harder to achieve lately but anyway let's be getting on.......These are my generic barbarian scum forces for Dragon Rampant, either two units of six or a large unit of twelve hence the two standards.........These barbarians from the North will have infantry, bears, wolves and giants in their ranks......A tidal wave of steel and claw.......                    First time using a snow effect too..........

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Warmaster – Imperial Cavalry / Kislev

Hello! The last posts with Warmaster were very warmly welcomed. I decided to prepare a compilation of cavalry and various auxiliary units to the army of the Empire / Kislev / Dogs of War. Miniatures painted by artists from our Studio. On the pictures you can see: Heavy Imperial Cavalry Light imperial Cavalry Flagellants Heavy Kislev Cavalry Light Kislev Cavalry The scale of the models – 10mm. Next project – Ogre Kingdoms. Commission painting services – / Messenger.

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